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Master florist

Nature as a model

The trained gardener founded her company in 2012 and passed the master florist examination at the renowned academy for nature design in Zwettl in September 2015.

She has been fascinated by nature since childhood. The natural products and materials in their surroundings in the Salzkammergut inspire and shape their artisanal and floral work, as does the conviction that they should understand nature as a whole and handle its resources carefully. Her design principle is to create something new from nature at a high level of craftsmanship. Because, according to Gamsjäger: "For me, copying nature is not a creative approach, a copy is never as good as the original".

The design comes from nature

Nature has its own forms of representation and laws and has therefore already shaped itself. She created herself as a designer. The principle of the golden section also comes from nature, visualized by the Fibonacci spiral, as the basis for shapes and designs. Overall compositions based on this principle, whether natural or human, always have a harmonious effect on the human eye. So there is an objective basis for aesthetics, which, however, is broken more and more often by humans and creates optical disharmony.

Scientifically speaking, we humans have a symbolic-material culture. This is the collection of cultural and intellectual achievements that are passed on from generation to generation. Objects whose functional value lies not so much in their practical use as in their symbolic use make us human in the true sense of the word. (See Hoffmann, D. [2018]). Neanderthals were the creators of the oldest cave art. (Archeology-Online.https: //; Access: 03.07.2020). It is therefore the knowing creation that distinguishes us, as only one, from other species on this planet.

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Since unique works are also an expression of individual ideas, orders are coordinated on the basis of personal customer discussions and implemented with floral designs.

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Funeral floristry (wreaths, arrangements, plantings)

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