About Us

Our craft - cultural heritage and vision for the future

We live in a world of changing values, in which the handicraft has to deal more and more with stylistic and cultural issues.

The question of our craft identity depends fundamentally on the question of our memory. Where memory disappears, identity also disappears.

Our houses, our clothes and ultimately also the objects of daily use are part of our identity and thus also a “testimony to the cultural development of human beings”.

The HAND.WERK.HAUS encourages you. It stands for a group of craftsmen from all over the Salzkammergut and shows how necessary it is to understand cultural heritage as part of one's own present and future. Not with a romanticizing and backward-looking look, but as a positive impulse from the local economy for a consciously lived future of the craft and creative joy.


HAND.WERK.HAUS Salzkammergut association

Behind the "HAND.WERK.HAUS" Salzkammergut is a group of top craftsmen from all over the Salzkammergut who have come together to form an association. They adapted the roughly 200-year-old substance of the former forester's house and skillfully transformed it into a contemporary building that combines tradition and modernity.

The Hand.Werk.Haus was opened in May 2009 and has since been used as a meeting point for all kinds of handicrafts, exhibitions and presentations, events and sales.