Master summer in the Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut
Craft FAIRbinds
Special exhibition from Friday 23 June to Saturday 31 October 2023

Opening Friday 23 June

The traceability of the craft
Making the FAIR bindings, which are often invisible to the viewer, visible is the motto of this year's master summer exhibition. These can be technical, material, regional or exciting FAIR ties as well as supplier FAIR ties that have existed for generations, or the FAIR aspects inherent in the craft. The title says it all and so the FAIR connection to the network of trades and crafts in Tyrol is shown by guest exhibitors such as roof panel makers, Sämisch tanners, coppersmiths and others. This year's museum cooperation partner is the Nonseum, a "museum for inventions that we don't need either". Because humor absolutely needs space again!


Image rights: Netzwerk Handwerk

Bakery & Confectionery Maislinger

Beer smith Mario Scheckenberger

Brewery Attersee

Roofing tinsmith Herwig Besendorfer

Roof panels Bucher

The Goiserer Philipp Schwarz

The painter Höck

The shoemaker Bernadette Baldauf

Eierhof Lohninger

Window joiner Albert Gassner

Harmonica production Franz Schmidt

Trenkwalder tannery

Goldsmith Herbert Trucker

Goiserer parquet Matthias Neuhuber

Graphics & writing Jörg Hoffmann

Stove master Thomas Bochsbichler

Shirt maker Valentin

Hochmühle Frauenlob

Hat production Bittner

Hrovat's coffee roastery roasts

Lederhosen maker Rudi Daxner

Master painter Martin Neureiter

Tailor René Hazelnut

Nature workshop Irmgard Gamsjäger

Chocolate Mayer

Parquet factory Deisl

Upholstery workshop Haberl

Rainer clay plaster Daniel Rainer

Interior design Buchmayr

locksmith rope

Zaisenberger shoe store

Master stonemason Günter Brucker

Tyrolean coppersmith Hans-Peter Schmidt

Joinery & furniture store Schiffer & Sams

Watchmaker Florian & Barbara Dostal

Gilder & trimmer Maria Birbamer Zott

Weaving Seidra

Trapl winery

World Project Sundials Kurt Niel

Kieninger carpentry