Literally The master summer in the Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut will be MASTERFUL

Since 2020, the Hand.Werk.Haus has been organizing the master summer as a curated special exhibition. These special shows are intended to show the multifaceted nature of the craft, with presentation and depiction varying between playful, opulent or reduced.

Literally MASTERFUL is the theme of the master summer 2022. The bookbinding workshop set up in the Hand.Werk.Haus - Werkraum and the master craftsmanship are the inspiration for this year's motto.

You can see master certificates, masterpieces, masters, literally masters. Around 40 different exhibitors from all areas of craftsmanship, art, culture and finishing present themselves and things made by master craftsmen. Objects, portraits, exhibits & ensembles, including those from the Font Museum in Pettenbach, they all inspire our senses and encourage us to get involved in handmade quality from a master hand time and time again

Special exhibition Literally MASTERFUL will be on Friday the June 24th, 19 p.m. as part of a public event in Hof Neuwildenstein. she runs until October 15th and is accessible to visitors during the opening hours of the Hand.Werk.Haus.


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