In the Capital of Culture year 2024, the Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut and its project partner Otelo will be dedicated to the joint Capital of Culture project “SCALA – New paths between craft and art“. The Center for Contemporary Craft Culture is showing in its special exhibition PerlMUT from May 25th a wide variety of exhibition objects from craftsmen and artists, from clubs and schools, from regional to international, from the Perlhood to “Courage too far-fetched.”
Exciting contrasts and perspectives arise, for example, from the comparison of outfits by the US textile artist Shae Bishop with the traditional clothing habits of the Salzkammergut or objects by the Japanese glass artist Shige Fujishiro with exhibits by Dutch and local bead knitters. The exhibition at the Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut in Bad Goisern runs from May 25th to October 31st.

In the European Capital of Culture (ECOC) year 2024, the Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut and its project partner Otelo are fully dedicated to their joint ECOC project “SCALA – Salzkammergut Craft Art Lab”. In its special exhibition “PerlMUT”/pearl courage the Center for contemporary craft-based culture shows a wide variety of exhibition features designed by crafts people, artists and schools both of regional and international origin.
Exciting perspectives arise by showcasing outfits by the US American textile artist Shae Bishop along with “traditional” clothing habits of the Salzkammergut or by objects by the Japanese glass artist Shige Fujishiro contrasting with traditional pearl bonnets and pearl-knitted features. The exhibition at the Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut in Bad Goisern runs from May 25th through October 31st.


Exhibition with contributions by | Exhibition contributions by

Craft | Crafts
Members of the Association Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut 
Haslach Textile Center 
Blue print Koó 
Fashion brand Mamoka 
Hand embroidery Renata Samojedna 
Hat maker Claudia Gams 
Pearl jewelry Andrea Putz 
Armchair weaving by Gerhard Stöglehner 
Top pieces Stefanie Kölbel 
Stucco craft Thomas Kari 
Trachtenhaus Rastl 

Interdisciplinary | Interdisciplinary interfaces
Linz Castle Museum 
Traditional costume women Gosau
Bead knitting expert Ada Even 

Artists | Artists
Shae Bishop, Shige Fujishiro, Elisabeth Öggl, Marie Liebl, Héctor Ariel Olguin, Andrea Delogu, Anna-Lena Cäcilia

Schools | Schools
Sculpture master class HTBLA Hallstatt 
Garment Master Technical School Hamburg 
Ebensee Fashion School 
World Heritage Middle School Bad Goisern 

Opening | Opening event
May 25th, from 10 a.m
Bad Goisern market square, Neuwildenstein Castle, Stephaneum


  • Glittering pearl hood and gold ribbon meeting, organized by the Goisern gold hood and headscarf group (chairwoman Brigitte Mittendorfer) with a parade, dance of the youth, hood exhibition from the Gexi Tostmann fund  Glittering parade of pearl bonnet wearing women with youth dance performance and bonnet exhibition from the collection of Gexi Tostman
    10 pm
    Where? | Where? Market street, market square, municipal office
  • Opening PerlMUT special exhibition | Exhibition
    Where? | Where? Hand.Work.House
  • Open studios the SCALA artists Shae Bishop (USA) and Shige Fujishiro (DE/JPN) | Open Studios of SCALA artists Shae Bishop (USA) and Shige Fujishiro (DE/JPN)
    11 a.m. to 13 p.m. & 14 p.m. to 16 p.m
    Where? | Where? stephaneum
  • Art and cuisine | art AND culinary
    Master baker Alexander Maislinger and sculptor Anna-Lena Cäcilia (AT)
    Bierschmiede, Hrovat's roasts, Trapl winery, Zauner butcher's shop, Andreas Nägler's fish delights, Attersee brewery, Maislinger bakery and pastry shop
    Where? | Where? Neuwildenstein farm
  • Venetian lace makers and bead knitters from the Salzkammergut and the Netherlands | Venetian embroidery and local & Dutch pearl knitting
    Where? | Where? Open space in the Hand.Werk.Haus
    • Open beading workshop with the Haslach Textiles Center | Pearl Workshop
      14 17-clock, for adults and children aged 8 and over
      Where? | Where? stephaneum
      (For more information see below – under Bead Workshop)
    • Open bead knitting workshop with bead knitting expert Ada Even | Pearl knitting workshop
      11 a.m. to 16 p.m., for adults and children from 8 years
      Where? | Where? Hand.Work.House
      (For more information see below – under bead knitting workshop)
  • Open music workshop with Toni Burger and Christian Kapun | Music Workshop
    13 16-clock, for young people interested in music
    Where? | Where? stephaneum
    (For more information see below – under Music Workshop)
  • Hairwork | Hairwork by Kronlachner the concept
    11 17-clock
    Where? | Where? Hand.Work.House
  • Moving images | Moving pictures by K and K
    Where? | Where? Neuwildenstein farm
  • Sale of handcrafted highlights / Sales
  • PerlMUTige music event | Music event
    17 pm
    Where? | Where? Neuwildenstein farm

Bead workshop with the Haslach Textile Center
Get ready for the beads!
For thousands of years, people have been fascinated by pearls and have dived into the depths of the seas and rivers for shells that contain the precious beads.
In many cultures, shiny pearls have a deep symbolic character. This is how they are in China, for example. B. the symbol of wealth, wisdom and dignity, in Japan they mean happiness, in India they mean abundance of children. In Western culture, the pearl is often associated with the noble characteristics of a woman.
Even though we won't be working with precious mother-of-pearl, but with colorful beads made of glass or wood, the fascination remains the same: the small, sparkling beads are attractive in the truest sense of the word and make you want to decorate yourself. They encourage you to create and can be worn and given as a symbol of many good wishes. Over the centuries, people around the world have developed a variety of techniques and used textile skills to thread, weave, knot beads and integrate them into knitting, crocheting, lace-making or embroidery. Artistic robes, pouches, bags and, above all, jewelry were created.
In our workshop we will design individual bracelets with beads and learn three techniques: bead threading, bead weaving and bead knotting. After introducing the basic techniques, everyone can develop their own pattern and create their own individual piece of jewelry. If you have the desire and patience, you also have the option of weaving a small bag with beaded borders.
For adults and children aged 8 and over, open coming and going
Price: Material contribution

To the Textile Kultur Haslach course program

Bead knitting workshop with Ada Even

Born in the Netherlands and living in Germany for 33 years, Ada Even learned bead knitting in the Netherlands. For many years she has been collecting relevant historical objects, researching and publishing on the topics of bead knitting techniques, pocket hangers, historical patterns, antique Dutch bead purses, money cats, baby bonnets and star bags. She collects historical objects and has also been giving courses to pass on bead knitting techniques for many years.

Price: Material contribution

To the pearl bag knitting course with Ada Even from June 7th - 9th, 2024 at the Haslach Textile Center

Music workshop with Toni Burger and Christian Kapun
Roaming around in different violin worlds - classical, modern, traditional, foreign, mysterious and familiar - soon determined Toni Burger's musical life, thoughts and feelings. This strolling, lingering, moving on again in order to discover new things will be implemented experimentally with young musicians and performed at 17 p.m. in the “perlMUTigen” music event in Hof Neuwildenstein. (for young people and those young at heart interested in loop technology)

13-16 p.m., bring your voice and any instrument, whether a wind instrument or those that are connected to electricity or come without anything.

Also all day “Painting with coffee – entertaining and inspiring for all ages!" and “Super material clay – everyone can participate” 

In addition, Pradas Sucesores, S.L. holds a permanent stock of more than XNUMX parts references for all types of shoe machines, some of which are produced in our factory as a result of our state-of-the-art technology. All we desire is to offer the shortest delivery times on the market and the best possible after-sales service to our customers.