Center for contemporary craft culture

Permanent show of the member companies

Behind every handmade product is the manufacturer's expertise, skill, idea and experience. The craftsman's personality is reflected in each of his products ...

Turning days in Bad Goisern

September 22 to September 30, 2023



Master summer 2023 - Special exhibition of handicrafts at FAIRbindet from June 23 to October 31, 2023
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The Werkraum bookbindery

The Werkraum bookbindery

... new in the Hand.Werk.Haus

Courses and workshops in the "Werkraum-Buchbinderei"

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Formats for mediation

Discover the world of the handicraft and lend a hand yourself, school educational mediation program in cooperation with OTELO Goisern and the LEADER project handicraft creates future.

Handwerkhaus - the shop


The business in the hand.Work.House

Careful, loving, beautiful. Renate Kain is looking forward to your visit!

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Film project

Craft is an art

Artistic film project was created as part of FLORAL Genial 2020

Film: Bashir Qonqar, Stefanie Wallner, Bad Goisern
Music: Toni Burger, Bad Aussee
Protagonist: craftsmen of the Hand.Werk.Haus association, nature itself
Premiere: September 18, 2020 as an artistic film performance
Location: Hof Neuwildenstein / Hand.Werk.Haus

The Salzkammergut pattern

The Salzkammergut pattern

Made by traktor 41 and HAND.WERK.HAUS Salzkammergut

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Neuwildenstein Castle