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Seeing eyes - photography with passion

High-quality snapshots of people and nature not only require the appropriate technical equipment and a trained eye, but above all the ability to SEE and to perceive those details and phenomena that are touching and worth capturing.
The art of seeing probably consists of imagining the eye as what it is, an irreplaceable sensory organ that enables us humans to capture and depict a wide range of visual stimuli and impressions and pass them on to our brain. Becoming aware of what you see, visualizing it and translating it into expressive images is a skill in its own right.

Klaus Krumböck
Klaus received his first simple camera at the age of 10. Even then, he was driven to capture impressive natural features and special snapshots with his lens, for example on mountain tours with his grandparents and parents.
As an active outdoor photographer, he has always been out and about in nature and the mountains with his camera in his free time. After 15 years of working in marketing, he decided to make his love of photography his profession. SEEING was well trained from an early age, but it was important to him to learn the craft from scratch.
Between 2016 and 2023 he successfully completed his apprenticeship as a professional photographer, the master class for digital photography and the Qualified Austrian Photographer (QAP) exam. Born in Goiserer, he has been back in his home town since 2020 as a freelance professional photographer. As a matter of course for a mindful lifestyle and resource-saving work, Klaus Krumboeck Photography is a certified climate alliance company.
Pictures that tell stories
He loves to tell stories with his pictures and to take the viewer with him, to discover individual sequences in companies and workshops and to capture them in corresponding pictures for his customers.
The calm of the professional contributes to the naturalness of the recordings.

Rudy Cain
The mysterious clicking, almost auspicious sound of the mirror slap on the SLR camera just wouldn't let him go. In 2016 Rudi bought his first
SLR camera. From then on, he willingly allowed himself to be drawn into the subject by like-minded people, courses and specialist literature. After trying different domains of photography, he specialized in landscape photography and weather photography in particular. The precise observation of weather reports or satellite images makes it possible nowadays to predict various weather phenomena with relative accuracy, in order to know when to “move out” and where
Goiserer says. It takes the stillness of the moment, explains Rudi, to capture those weather moods that particularly emphasize the landscape and nature. Being there when nobody is there and searching for the perfect moment have made photography his main sideline.
He has been working part-time as a landscape and architectural photographer since 2018. He loves to document the numerous beautiful places in the Salzkammergut in morning, evening or other special weather conditions.


Klaus Krumböck
Business and corporate photography
Photo reports for sports and advertising
architectural photography
Wedding reports
portrait photography
Family photos

Rudy Cain
landscape calendar
Photo prints on a wide variety of print media
Architectural photography (holiday apartments, construction reports, etc.)

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