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The master shoemaker Philipp Schwarz continues the 150-year tradition of manufacturing Goiserer shoes in Goisern. In his second education, he made a conscious decision to pursue an adult apprenticeship in order to turn his passion for craft into a profession. In 2016 he opened his own shoemaker's workshop in Bad Goisern. “Bad Goisern is nutritious soil when it comes to handicrafts. There are carpenters, instrument makers, or a glazier who works traditionally right next to my workshop. It's nice to work in a region where handicrafts are so valuable, ”says Philipp Schwarz.

Careful advice on the choice of model, leather and color, a healthy fit based on your own last and high-quality craftsmanship are the decisive parameters for the traditionally double-stitched Goiserer. “I measure the feet of every single customer and work at least 40 hours on a handmade, double-stitched shoe. In addition to the perfect workmanship, I attach particular importance to sustainable leather from Austria and Germany. I mainly work with calfskin or cowhide because it is the most durable and very hard-wearing. "

As a Salzkammergut resident, he knows that tradition and trend go hand in hand today! “What sets my shoes apart - apart from the quality of their craftsmanship - is their individuality. Every made-to-measure shoe has a personal touch for me. That doesn't stop with the color either. The most varied - and if wanted - even the craziest combinations are possible. If you take good care of the shoe you will have it for many years, so it has to be a perfect match for the type of wearer. "

The Goiserer

Countless legends, stories, rumors, not to say myths, entwine around the Goiserer. It is undisputed that it is world-famous and has been worn and valued everywhere for over a century.

In Goiserer chronicles you can read that Goiserer Franz Neubacher, who himself ran a shoemaker's workshop until 1915, once "invented" the Goiserer. Legend has it that his fall into a sinkhole, the so-called Schusterloch today, and his escape from this hole, which was made more difficult by poor footwear, were the trigger for the Goiserer's development.

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