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Master optician Manfred Pamminger learned how to make glasses by hand in the course of his master craftsman training. So he brings with him the appropriate skill to return to a traditional craftsmanship and makes glasses frames from staghorn.

Handmade glasses are rare. Manfred Pamminger has taken on the special features of the glasses and appreciates the properties of the material deer horn, which - particularly light and skin-friendly - ensures high wearing comfort. It is not known whether glasses made of this regional and yet unusual material existed before Pamminger.

The shape of the glasses is made to measure, according to the anatomical needs and personal preferences of the wearer. Each frame is designed individually and adapted to the respective facial anatomy.

Pamminger invests a lot of time and care in the search for good material, because for his purposes strong growth, good internal structure, beautiful grain and low curvature are of the greatest importance. These high standards mean that only a small part of the antlers can be used. The addition of concentrated feed when feeding wild animals is also a reason for excluding antlers from animals from these territories. As a result, sourcing high quality material is a major challenge. It is only when the antlers are cut open that it becomes apparent whether the antlers are actually usable. The white leg stands out clearly from the porous core and the brown pearls.

From a 16 x 6 cm piece, first saw out the eye holes with the fretsaw, and then mill the inner groove for the glasses. Only when the inside of the socket is finished and all the endurance tests of the machining have been passed, the outside of the socket is tackled. Sawing, milling and grinding are the most important work steps that require the utmost precision.

The heart of the glasses is the nose bridge, because the glasses should fit perfectly. Flexible metal pins covered with leather are used as brackets.

The glasses frame is made from a piece of antler to ensure a uniform color. The workload per pair of glasses is between 20 and 25 hours.

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