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The grand finale

The master company for roofing, plumber and carpentry was founded in 2012 by Herwig Besendorfer. It covers one of the most basic human needs, namely to have a roof over one's head.

As a local supplier, even for small orders, he offers everything from a single source, from roof trusses to roof cladding, from balconies to thermal insulation and facades to interior fittings.

Particular attention is paid to ecological construction and reliable work processes. Classical historical materials (wood, clay bricks, copper ...) are used in harmony with modern developments.

Roofers and plumber are among the top athletes among the craftsmen. Because in addition to appropriate training, specialist knowledge and experience, altitude safety and weather resistance are essential prerequisites for this job. The training of the next generation is one of Herwig Besendorfer's greatest concerns, so that in the future the roof will continue to do much more than just provide weather protection, namely the crowning glory!

From carpenters, roofers and plumber apprentices

There they are now sitting in front of me: Florian, Johannes, Kilian, Kevin and Marcel, five apprentices from the carpentry, roofing & plumbing company Besendorfer GmbH. The sixth apprentice Dominik (plumber) is just sick and cannot be there.

For years, the company boss Herwig Besendorfer had tried to attract apprentices through special activities for schools and career orientation. Vain. Roofing and plumber are now among the shortage occupations, ie there are not enough offspring. That makes me think. Having a protective roof over one's head is one of the most elementary human needs. It doesn't matter to climate change that a roof repair or a new roof cannot simply be downloaded, streamed or ordered digitally with one click. Storm, hail, snow and other damage caused by increasing weather conditions are increasing. The specialists who provide relevant material and repair services, however, less so. System error?

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