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The goldsmith's shop was founded in 1945 by Prof. Schwedle from Gablonz. Karl Trucker took over the craft business from him, his teacher, in 1958. His son Herbert Trucker has been running the goldsmith's shop since 1995 and, in a good tradition, combines all the skills of a goldsmith under one roof.

Herbert Trucker knows best that a lump of gold is not yet a gem. Creativity, design, material control and craftsmanship characterize his jewelry design. His jewelry workshop is not only hammered, sawed, filed and soldered, it is also a place of inspiration and design.

"In addition to drawing and education, a happy genius, which is not sterile in inventions of good taste, is required," JG Krünitz already reported in his Economic Encyclopedia (Berlin 1773-1858). And further: “Knowledge of the precious stones is required for this; and they must be able to handle the melting, separating, stripping and cleaning of these metals, as well as casting, driving, annealing, white boiling, soldering, gilding, and [...] a considerable part of practical chemistry ”.

For Herbert Trucker this still applies today, because whether a piece of jewelry according to his own design,

Traditional costume or hunting jewelry, contemporary fashionable jewelry, repairs or restoration, these knowledge and skills are a basic requirement.


By the way, traditional costume jewelry has existed since the term “traditional costume” in today's sense has been spoken of. Actually, however, scientifically speaking, it cannot be clearly determined. In the past, people just talked about jewelry and this was always subject to the respective contemporary, if you will fashionable, trends and changes.

In the heyday of jewelry, for example, between 1780 and 1850, head and neck jewelry such as cross pendants or crop chains made of silver, pearls and colored stones, depending on the material circumstances, also made of fake substitute materials. Today, crop chains are almost exclusively associated with traditional costumes, once they were fashion jewelry. Coming from Bavaria and Salzburg, the crop chain is first mentioned for the Salzkammergut in 1829.

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Production of Salzkammergut traditional costume and dirndl jewelry

Unique gold and silver jewelry

Hunting jewelry and antique jewelry

New production of unique pieces of jewelry according to customer requirements

"Make new out of old" - conversion of old jewelry to a new design,
that corresponds to the current zeitgeist

Restoration of old jewelry

Repairs - restoring defective jewelry (soldering chains, changing ring size, fixing loose stones, re-threading pearl necklaces ...)

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