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Locksmith's shop, stair construction and wrought iron for eternity

Hans Strick has been running the locksmith's shop founded by his father Walter Strick in 2005 since 1980.

The classic, solution-oriented building locksmithing is just as important to him as forging with hammer and anvil.

Wringing a pleasing shape from glowing metal requires a high level of knowledge of materials and fire, a middle ground between feeling and strength and the craftsmanship of the master. Hans Strick can not only handle fire, hammer and anvil, he has dedicated himself to the fascination of metalworking and also offers "constructive" bridge, staircase and other structural solutions that withstand high architectural and "alpine climatic" requirements.


Times have changed: Originally, only blacksmiths were responsible for iron processing. Due to specialization, the locksmiths came on the scene, who - as the name suggests - were responsible for the production of door, gate, chest and rifle locks as well as combination and letter locks. It goes without saying that the order for the manufacture of a lock could only come from the landlord himself. These devices were seldom made “only” functional, in many cases they still impress us today with their perfectly formed beauty and craftsmanship.

Today locksmiths are responsible for functionally oriented metalworking. However, it can still happen that Hans Strick is called when locks fail, keys are lost, in order to return to the historical roots of the locksmith every now and then.

Duct hook for the Hallstatt mining industry

During a conversation, Hans Strick casually mentions an order from Bergbau SA AG (Salinen Austria). Duct hooks have to be forged for the advance. Propulsion? Pipe hook? As a layman, of course, one only understands “construction site”, whereby the term construction site itself is quite appropriate.

In mining, propulsion is the "propulsion" of a horizontal or inclined cavity through mining work. If these cavities run almost horizontally in the shape of a tunnel, they are called tunnels. Every mine needs "ventilation", ie a functioning air circulation for ventilation.

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Art forge, stair construction and custom-made products:

Railings, grilles, signs, doors, gates and crosses want - detached from their functionality

- continue to be brought into shape and beautifully designed. The trick is to recognize the framework in which this happens with bending, welding and soldering or with fire, hammer and anvil.

Window bars, railings, fences, grave crosses


Doors and gates

Lamps and lanterns


Guild and company signs

... and much more, as far as it is feasible from metal.

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