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Since 2015 Gottlieb Zauner jun. one of the oldest generation companies in the Salzkammergut. 1809 is the founding year of the butcher's shop, then based in Hallstatt. Until well into the 20th century, the Zauners delivered the cattle to Hallstatt by sea - with blindfolds, of course. Today, a supply of the Hallstatt over the lake is only necessary if the extreme danger of avalanches persists.

The butcher's headquarters have now moved to Bad Goisern.

Reliability of origin and quality can only be guaranteed by the butcher himself. Respect for living beings and their attitude play a major role in the quality. Gottlieb Zauner knows that the regional quality is unsurpassed and therefore, like his ancestors, sources it from the small farms in the Salzkammergut. Regional supply of regional products means thinking in circular cycles and consequently sourcing 100% veal and beef from the Salzkammergut. In this way, he ensures the survival of the small-scale peasant units, which in turn maintain the cultural landscape and operate alpine farming, whose ecological importance for the Alps has long been undisputed.

The meat is processed by hand on site, according to our own recipes and spice mixtures that have been tried and tested for decades and that are passed on from one generation to the next. All these ingredients, seasoned with care during processing, give roe deer ham, sausages and bacon their unmistakably good taste.

In this way, the butcher's shop supplies regional hotels, restaurants and other institutions as well as locals who like to shop consciously.

The value of cattle in earlier times can already be seen from the fact that the Latin word for wealth = pecunia is derived from pecus = cattle.

The cool apprentice meat chopper gang ...

... that's how Gottlieb Zauner jun. In 2018 his five apprentices Dominik, Mathias, Maximilian, Raphael and Kilian, all but two of whom have already "finished learning" in the meantime (2021). By the way, when the apprenticeship is successfully completed with the journeyman's examination, they say that they have learned out. For years the Zauner butcher's shop had suffered from a shortage of offspring, which is why they are all the more happy about the boys, because there is enough to do!

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