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Bad Ischler Fabian Bayr discovered his passion for wine early on. In a roundabout way, he learned the trade in Styria and is the first winemaker from the Salzkammergut. 5 generations before him laid the foundation for this.

Along with beer brewing, vinification is one of the oldest forms of beverage production in human history. Hardly any other craft is subject to such a constant process of further development as winemaking. Many things have been modernized and improved over the millennia, but every bottle contains a lot of experience and knowledge that has been passed on over generations of a winery.

So it is no coincidence that a Bad Ischler is now conquering the world of wine. Born and raised in the Salzkammergut, the determined Ischler Fabian Bayr decided 6 years ago to continue his uncle's family winery "Trapl" in western Styria. The fascination of wine has been with him since childhood. He spent many days and weeks with his uncle at the winery during the summer holidays. At that time it was still a long way off to ever make wine yourself. After studying business informatics in Vienna, however, the "trend reversal" came: Fabian graduated from the viticulture school in Silberberg in order to acquire a sound basic knowledge before he followed in his uncle's footsteps. As if that weren't enough, he decided to deepen his training even further and, after 3 years of part-time training, graduated as a "wine and cellar master". He gained practical experience at the well-known wineries “Dreisiebner Stammhaus” and “Tement” in southern Styria.

Every year there is only one opportunity to produce wine, and every year there are new and different challenges to be mastered. The work in the wine cellar is one thing - but the path from the grape to the wine is often very difficult. A lot of small steps are necessary to get very good grape material. Severe storms, climatic changes and much more can make work very difficult. The special thing about the work as a winemaker is the holistic view over the entire year. Work in spring affects work in autumn and vice versa. Only those who understand all the countless connections from the grape to fermentation can make really outstanding wines.

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Wine with heart and passion. The knowledge and experience of 250 years of winemaking tradition at the Trapl winery form the basis of the craft.

Only hand-picked grapes are processed here to make wines of the highest quality.

It is best to taste the wine specialties directly at the winery and enjoy excellent specialties in the Buschenschank.

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