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It was pure chance that the trained carpenter came into contact with clay. The “love at first touch” has never let him go since then. He pursued this goal with tenacity to make a living through clay plastering. In 2021 he started his own business in “dry construction/clay plastering” and since 2023 he has been able to proudly report that all of his construction sites rainer Clay, i.e. clay plaster/drywall construction. "I am happy because I have arrived. All I want is clay plastering,” says Daniel Rainer.

For him, the search for a building material that meets all the requirements for stability and durability, but also sustainability and ecology, is over. As one of the oldest/longest building materials used by humanity, clay has always been used around the globe. It also occurs in almost all corners of the world. Daniel Rainer is a passionate fan of clay and knows about the unbeatable qualities of this mixture of sand, silt and clay. It's amazing what clay can do. As an interior plaster, it regulates air humidity, binds pollutants, protects against electrosmog, is skin-friendly, preserves wood, stores heat, is good fire protection, prevents mold formation, is diffusible and completely biologically recyclable. All burning topics relating to current construction, renovation and living. Clay plaster has long been more than just an alternative. This extremely versatile building material sustainably enhances interior spaces and can also support well-being. Clay solves problems and Daniel Rainer can deal with it.


Clay plaster/drywall construction

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