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Albert Gassner has been running the traditional company, which was founded at the end of the 19th century, since 1989. Specializing in window and door construction, his particular passion is traditional box windows, wooden shutters and veranda glazing. His outstanding sense of proportions distinguishes him.

Anyone who recognizes that windows are the eyes of a house and consequently make a significant contribution to the appearance of a facade also attaches great importance to beautiful frames for perspectives, views and insights. Whether rural style or old town house. With Albert Gassner, the window becomes a piece of furniture that impresses with its harmony in proportions and the material wood. Larch wood is a particularly tried and tested material in window construction, as it is characterized by its density and hardness. Experts have long since preferred oiled wooden windows, because in this way the natural self-protection of the wood is not impaired and a lively patina is allowed to develop.

Albert Gassner's work begins where mass production and industrial solutions reach their limits. Especially in the Salzkammergut, with its high proportion of villas and old buildings, his striving for a harmonious combination of old and new is of particular importance. Albert Gassner always has a solution with wood as a material!


Today a natural and essential part of every building, the glazed window was by no means ubiquitous until the 18th century. Most of the population could not afford the expensive glass and had to be content with animal skins, oiled paper or linen in the openings. For a long time, wooden or wrought iron shutters were the most important means of protecting against the weather and heat. Then, finally, the rolled glass process was developed, and large flat glass surfaces could now be produced more cheaply. Another important development step in window construction was still necessary, the window frame. While the pane was previously attached to the actual stick, it has now been set in a frame construction.

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